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Hello, we are Bethany & Lauren

We are Bethany and Lauren, we created House of Boêmia a bridal boutique located near Winchester, Romsey and Salisbury, we noticed a massive lack of unique laid back wedding dresses that match the brides style and personality. Instead we kept seeing brides keeping up with unconventional traditions even when it wasn’t what they really wanted. That’s why all our dresses are inspired by modern, boho and whimsical elements with free spirited brides in mind. Along the way, we decided to create our very own Semi Bespoke collection. This collection has put a stop to the outdated bridal sizing. We want to reflect a new era of brides who want to shine and really show off their personality on their special day.

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On the hunt for your perfect
boho wedding dress?

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Get to know us...

Hello lovely souls! I'm Bethany Laura, a creative mind behind the fashion and textile designs at House of Boêmia. When you visit our boutique for your bridal appointment, you'll often find me working alongside the wonderful Lauren, through creating mood boards and illustrations to help bring your wedding dress look to life. I've been busy designing some beautiful bridal fabrics that I'm excited to share with you very soon. My designs are all about adding a touch of magic to your elegant and whimsical wedding dress. Styling is another one of my passions, and I enjoy managing and planning styled shoots to let my creativity shine. I can't wait to meet you at the boutique soon!

Hey there you wonderful brides, I'm Lauren Rebecca, your personal fashion designer and wedding dress maker here at House of Boêmia Bridal. When you visit us, I'll be leading your exclusive appointment, where we'll dive into your wedding dreams and ideas. I love hearing about your vision, from venues to themes, as each bride brings something unique to the table.


My specialty lies in our semi-bespoke collection, where we work together to find the perfect shape and style for your dream dress. You'll have the chance to try on different skirts, sleeves, and bodices to create a dress that's uniquely yours. Once we've settled on the design, I'll craft a mock-up dress for you to try on before we move on to selecting fabrics with Bethany. Then I bring your actual wedding dress to life. As I sew your dream dress with love and care, I can't wait for the final appointment where I get to see your excitement as you try on your actual wedding gown. It's a truly emotional and wonderful moment for all of us. I look forward to making your wedding dress dreams a reality!

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Our Story

Together, Lauren and I are here to bring your dream dress to life through our Semi-Bespoke collection! Lauren is your personal dressmaker, playing a key role in the process. She'll assist you during all your appointments and even create a mock-up dress for you to visualise the final design. This way, you have the opportunity to make any necessary changes without any surprises or stress. We'll guide you every step of the way, ensuring you don't have to come up with a design out of thin air. Through multiple appointments, we'll try on different shapes, explore fabrics with illustrations and mood boards. We will discuss  fabric options that align with your wedding theme and personality. Whether you're drawn to intricate lace fabrics or prefer a more minimalist style, I'll be there to provide expert guidance and support, making sure you feel confident and excited throughout the entire process. Our number one mission is to make designing a wedding dress stress free and guess free for all brides, no surprises here.

Our Boutique
(The Barn Studio)

House of Boêmia is a luxurious wedding dress shop in Hampshire catering to Winchester, Romsey and Salisbury brides, with a main focus on Bohemian, Retro and Indie styles. We have the pleasure of being located in a soft romantic renovated barn creating a safe space for brides to feel at home.


Our mission is to inspire the modern contemporary bride, having a dress to match their true unique personality. That edgy twist they desire for their special day and a bohemian wedding dress appointment exclusively designed for them. After working in bridal ourselves, we noticed that tailored bohemian styles were neglected from bridal boutiques in Hampshire and we want to fix this.

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