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Design your very own one of a kind wedding dress

Picture this, you are beaming with love and excitement for your upcoming wedding, but now you are waiting to embark on the most magical adventure: designing your dream wedding dress, one that whispers your unique story from top to bottom. We're Bethany and Lauren, your boho-loving, eco-conscious bridal fairy godmothers. We turn fabric and ideas into a whimsical wedding dress however, we do not turn pumpkins into carriages. We don't believe in cookie-cutter weddings, and neither should you!


Imagine, for a moment, a dress that perfectly captures your personality, wether you see the beauty in minimalism or, being in nature soothes your soul we do it all. With our "Semi Bespoke" experience, that dream becomes your reality, all created in a little barn surrounded by the beautiful Hampshire countryside.


Here's the beauty of it all: you get to try on a selection of stunning designs, from different sleeves, bodices and skirts so you build the shape and style that you love, finding the style that makes you feel like the most confidence version of yourself! Then, the fun really begins! We'll whisk you away to a wonderland of laces and fabrics, each a symphony of textures and materials waiting to be woven into your personal masterpiece. Want something eco-friendly? We're all about that sustainable touch, and can source gorgeous fabrics that match your values (and your theme!).


Our collection is filled with boho, indie, and modern laces but luxurious minimalistic fabrics which are perfect for creating a dress that reflects your unique celebration, whether it's a whimsical forest wedding, a barefoot beach ceremony, a rustic vintage barn or even a breathless destination wedding. And the best part? We create illustrations, you make have multiple appointments and we make a full mockup version of your dress in a plain cotton so that theirs so guess work or sprites, you are with us every step of the way. You can even bring your own fabric, perhaps a vintage treasure passed down through generations, or a sustainable find that speaks to your heart. Let's co-create a dress that's as one-of-a-kind as your love story and of course YOU!


So, future bride-to-be, if you're yearning for a dress that sings your soul's song, come join us on this magical adventure. Let's create a designer masterpiece of love, laughter, and sustainable beauty, a dress you'll adore forever. We can't wait to meet you and make your wedding dream a reality!


Magical Wishes,

Bethany & Lauren, xoxo

On the hunt for your perfect
bespoke wedding dress?

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