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The most Magical, Whimsical and Bohemian wedding dresses for 2025

Start here if you are on the hunt for the perfect Bohemian and Whimsical wedding dress and you are not sure where to start!

Presented here are our top 3 enchanting, whimsical, and romantic wedding gowns. These dresses are all A-line, accentuating the waist to highlight the bride's silhouette while allowing her the flexibility to move, dance, eat, and, most importantly, enjoy herself! This is precisely what everyone should be doing at their wedding! Our collection features high necklines, V-necks, long sleeves, exquisite backs, delicate trains, lace, cap sleeves, and not to mention charming polka dot patterns. Let's delve into these exquisite dress designs.

Experience the opportunity to try on all three stunning dresses at our charming barn studio located in the picturesque Hampshire Countryside - Schedule your appointment now.

Lavender By Sophie Rose -

We love Lavender as she is full of character and charm. An elegant open-back wedding dress with a simple tie-back creates such a jaw-dropping feature. When you normally use the word frill you think back to the classic 80s wedding dresses, but this is not the case for Lavender. Her delicate frill starts at the back and then elegantly cascades over the shoulder to create a beautiful cap sleeve. With some added soft textures within the shirt from the polka dot pattern. The perfect subtle dress if you are looking for something unique but not too out there.

Want to try Lavender on? Book your appointment here.

Auttie By House of Boêmia-

Auttie is our go-to dress if you are looking for some elegant drama. She has volumised sheer lace sleeves that leave everyone feeling like the princess in their own story. She has a cheeky yet subtle slit within the skirt which gives you the chance to show off your shoes. One of our most recent brides got married in the breathtaking Valley of Fire desert and used the slit to show off her indie cowboy boots, click here to see her bohemian wedding.

Is Auttie the whimsical dream wedding dress for you? Book your appointment to try her on.

Faridah (Off the peg) -

Faraidah has the most dramatic features compared to the other two dresses, while Lavender also contains polka dots, Faridah's is larger and bolder. She has a sheer high-neck effect with a V-neck bodice which creates some beautiful structure almost like a V-neckline illusion when in fact she is still a high-neck boho dress. Again her long sleeves, high-neck and long skirt features would make you think this is a dress that makes you completely covered when in fact the sheer elements break up the dress and enhance the bride's shape. The bodice is currently nude but can easily be changed to Ivory if you want it to match the skirt and blend effortlessly together.

This whimsical wedding dress is filled with delicate details which add to the romantic features, from the detailing within the waistband to the extra band of lace at the bottom of the dress. This dress has it all if you love elegance and polka dot with a hint of uniqueness.

Is Faridah the dress you have been looking for? Book your appointment here.

Everyone involved in this incredible editorial-styled shoot:

Photographer - @auroraphotographic

Florist - @petal_pchelka

Model - @annabel.smt

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